About us

About us
MAKKAL SAKTHI is a government registered (Regd. No. : 180/ 2004), Non Governmental Organization founded by Mr.N.Sundaramurthy in 2004.The sole purpose of this organization is to help the poor and needy people in almost all possible ways to elevate their lifestyle.

Chief Members of the Organization

Mr.S.Rakesh, Secretary. He too was interested in serving the society in different possible ways from his young age. After his under graduation he was associated with Tamilnadu Social Welfare Association as a Volunteer, though he was working as a part time auditor. Then he did his Diploma in Acupuncture where he was a Gold Medalist. Further he did his MBA after which he joined a Multi National Company. Working there for about six months he realized that he was not born to do these mundane jobs and spend his life meaningless. So he resigned and continued his carrier as an auditor. Since he could make only less income as an auditor he stepped into real estates, he worked as a land promoter where he made a decent income. Though he has multifacets in his carrier, one thing which stood constant was his Volunteering services. Finally he came to a point to contribute the best of his capability to improve the status of the under privileged. Later he put forth his perspectives of social service to be implemented in different formats which led to MAKKAL SAKTHI.


The footmarks of MAKKAL SAKTHI extends as below, To provide full fledged support to other NGOs, Orphanages in an effective way. To create Employment opportunities for those who seek jobs in any streams irrespective of their qualification. To provide self employment training to the interested people so that they can earn for their living through their own business. Also help them in all needs. We try to provide them with small business venture opportunities such as Idly shop, Laundry shop, Four wheeler cart for selling vegetables, etc by providing all basic amenities required. To provide education for the aspirant children whose families find difficulties in educating them.